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    Nano mill MORPH KDP®

    Innovation in wet grinding dynamic separation technology
    MORPH KDP® allows an extremely wide parameter range regarding power density, flow rate and bead sizes. In combination with the available material portfolio, the technology fits to almost any application in the wet grinding and dispersing industry.

    The Highly efficient dynamic centrifugal separation system enables the use of smallest grinding media from a diameter of 0.1 – 1.8mm in reliable continuous operation. It is specially designed for wet grinding and dispersing processes especially "gentle dispersing" in the nanometer range. Working with the machines is a pleasure due to its easy operation.

    Four sizes with 2 l, 10 l, 25 l and 60 l grinding chamber volume
    Peg grinding system with small length/diameter portion
    Integrated grinding media collecting tray for loss-free emptying
    Easy handling due to swiveling and carriage-type grinding chamber
    Control of the mill drive and feeding pump via frequency inverter
    Flow meter to control the product flow
    Pressure control by contact manometer
    Measurement of the product inlet and outlet temperature, optionally also available for cooling water temperature
    Flow measurement of the chamber cooling
    Grinding chamber design of stainless steel as standard. Wear and corrosion resistant designs for metal free processing are available in the materials ZrO2 , SSiC , PU.

    PUHLER Grinding systens



    Application in the following industries