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    Full hydraulic three roll mills PTR

    Fully hydraulic three-roll mills can be used for many different applications. They are most suitable for a wide range of medium to high viscosity products, e.g. all kinds of printing inks, artists’ colors, industrial and decorative paints, toners, coating masses and lubricants, but also for materials for the electronics and cosmetics industries. Three-roll mills are designed for meeting highest quality demands and at the same time enable convenient, easy operation and quick cleaning.

    Wear-resistant rolls
    The highly wear-resistant centrifugally cast iron rolls guarantee a long service life – even with abrasive products.
    The hardness remains constant to a depth of 10–15 mm.

    Outstanding cooling capacity
    Each of the three rolls is equipped with an individually adjustable and controlled cooling.
    The cooling water supply is automatically stopped when the machine is not running. This prevents undesirable cooling of the rolls and unnecessary water consumption.

    Safe and easy operation
    High operator safety level according to the latest safety regulations.
    Minimized cleaning requirement due to optimized design of the frame.

    Maximum throughput
    The PTR features extremely high roll speeds and excellent cooling properties.
    A very wide roll pressure range can be used – from almost 0 N/mm up to 80 N/mm.

    Outstanding cooling capacity
    A closed cooling circuit guarantees optimized cooling for temperature-sensitive products.

    Repeatable, constant product qualities
    The automatic control of roll pressure and gap allows constant and repeatable product qualities.
    Products previously produced in gap operation can be processed in a low roll pressure range independent of the operator.

    Safe and easy operation
    High operator safety level according to the latest safety regulations.
    The optional PLC control package is available with the
    data logging system WinTrend allowing continuous process monitoring and thus supporting quality control.

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