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    Minimal and finest, passion for pursuing perfect technology
    True online dynamic centrifugal technology

    PUHLER® significantly improves the basic technical performance in the wet grinding field.For the past 17 years,we have continued improved grinding and separation technology,we are now able to apply a wide range of technical solutions for research,development,pilot test to production applications.
    PHK Minibead Beater mill is following the Chinese invention patent CN105214790B Honor·
    Double Drive Nano Bead Mill MORPH KDP® with Honor system A new generation of dispersion grinding machine, which adopts innovative and intelligent grinding of no mechanical seal feed and no screen discharge structure. Strengthening non-destructive gentle dispersion nano grinding technology completely solve the leakage of mechanical seal, blocking of separation screen,leakiness of tiny grinding media , wide distribution of product particles, four major problems), which is tailored for the development and production of high-value nanoscale dispersions. This vertical bead mill without mechanical seal and screen is a classical combination of the rod-type bead mill and the air classifier technology, which is perfectly combined with the dynamic centrifugal separation wheel of dry grinding technology to replace the screen separation of the traditional wet grinding technology. Also the grinding rotor and the separation is modular design for a wide range of applications with controllable depolymerization, gentle dispersion and true nano grinding of solid content in liquid media,which is the key for wet grinding technology that can achieve particle size fineness of less than 100 nm,meanwhile the traditional bead mill has the limited effect.
    With a process-oriented workflow and a management system that complies with the ISO 9001:2008 standard, the products quality we manufactured is kept at the highest level and on time delivery is guaranteed. There is no doubt that we comply with recognized certificatearound the world that is CE mark to 94/9/EU (ATEX) to cGMP and FDA regulations.

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