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    Universal Laboratory Bead Mill iMo smart 0.15/ PHN 0.3 / PHN 0.5 / PHN 1

    Laboratory Agitator Bead Mill LabStar
    Finest Grinding at Highest Flexibility and Reproducibility

    The universal laboratory bead mill PHN is the optimal solution for the development of innovative wet grinding processes. The core piece is a robust and powerful drive and control unit which can be combined with different process units tailored to specific applications. If for true grinding applications, metal-free dispersion of electronic materials or nano applications – the universal laboratory bead mill PHN is the right solution.
    The multi functional laboratory mill LabStar enables scientific academic work on difficult research and development tasks and impresses with its easy handling.
    The laboratory bead mill PHN is the smallest grinding mill of PUHLER that enables an exact scale-up to comparable production machines.
    Depending on the application, four state-of-the art grinding systems – NIZZOLI , NIZZOLI Air . NIZZOLI Pro and NIZZOLI Plus are available in different material designs.grinding chamber will use SSiC ,but the grinding system designs we will use (ZrO2 , PU , Cr-Ni-steel of DR80).

    Sealing of the grinding chamber by double-acting mechanical seal
    Swiveling grinding tank facilitates filling and emptying of the grinding media
    Easy cleaning
    Drive of the agitator shaft and pump via frequency inverter
    Operating terminal with display indication of the operating parameters
    Data collection by specially developed software PLC system
    Also available in explosion-proof design
    High reproducibility
    Exact scale-up
    Pharmaceutical design also available

    PUHLER Grinding systens



    Application in the following industries