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    Mainly used for mobile phone glass, camera lens, tablet and other products surface polishing.



    ·The upper grinding plate is divided into four front and four opposite sides, with two sides and eight plates.When the opposite four plates are in the polishing work, the front four plates can simultaneously carry out the fihished product recovery and place the products to be polished, shortening the standby time of the equipment and improving the production efficiency.

    ·The front and opposite surfaces of the upper grinding plate are divided into four small discs, and different adsorption jigs can be installed according to different product shapes, and the application range is wide.

    ·The upper grinding plate is composed of four small plates on each side, the force-receiving area is small, a good polishing effect can also be produced around the product with a large arc gap.

    ·The upper grinding plate main shaft adopts a fixed main shaft structure, which avoids the shaking of the upper grinding plate during processing, eliminates the undesirable phenomenon such as the wave tread generated in the product processing, and improves the polishing quality of the product.

    ·Spindle motor of lower polishing plate is controlled by frequency converter, and the shifting and reverse control are stable and convenient.

    ·The product is clamped by vacuum adsorption, which is convenient and quick.

    ·a water and gas separation device is installed in the vacuum part, it can effectively save the polishing liquid,and reduce the polishing liquid suck back to vacuum machine.

    ·The grinding bucket is cooled by double layers, which reduces the defects of the product due to high temperature.

    ·The machine control adopts touch control panel, intelligent setting, the panel is more compact and the operation is more convenient.

    ·The system has the function of product piece counting,which can easily understand the equipment production capacity.

    ·The system has multiple alarm functions such as safety lock alarm, current over-high alarm, overload protection, low-voltage alarm, etc., making the equipment more secure. Processed products are more secure.

    ·The electric control adopts PLC control, and the PT man-machine interface displays various operating parameters of the equipment.

    設備外形尺寸[**]Overal size (L*/W*H)


    設備重量Machine weight


    氣源壓力Air pressure


    總功率Total power


    下盤workpiece plate


    上盤polishing plate


    5.5寸可放5.5 inches can be placed

    36 pieces

    4.7寸可放4.7 inches can be placed

    42 pieces

    下轉盤主軸異步電機Lower turntable spindle asynchronous motor

    11kw 100r/min

    下轉盤主軸轉速Lower turntable spindle speed

    100r/min max

    上轉盤主軸電機Upper turntable spindle motor

    0.2kw 20r/min

    上轉盤主軸轉速Upper turntable spindle speed


    上翻轉體上下推送氣缸Upper turnover body push cylinder up and down

    缸徑 cylinder dia. Φ100mm 行程 stroke 550mm

    上翻轉體翻轉推送氣缸Upper turnover body turnover push cylinder

    缸徑cylinder dia. Φ80mm 行程 stroke 200mm